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Rural Area DTNs

Though DTNs(Delay Tolerant Networks) arise in many situations and may take many forms, our terminology in this paper is slanted towards the particular example of rural area DTNs. The use of this concrete example aids exposition and provides motivation, but does not reduce the applicability of our work to other types of DTNs.

Figure 1 illustrates a typical rural area DTN.

Figure 1: A Typical Rural Area DTN

Achieving security and privacy in such disconnected networks is a demanding task, but it is necessary in hostile environments with malicious attackers or even just passive listeners. In rural area DTNs, security and privacy are necessary to effectively implement concepts like e-governance, citizen journalism, distance education and telemedicine. In a hostile environment, secure and anonymous DTN communication can provide an efficient way to let informers transfer information while hiding their identity from an enemy. Therefore, the utility of a DTN is greatly expanded when the DTN provides end-to-end security and privacy. The limitations of DTNs require the design of new security and privacy protocols for DTNs, which forms the basis for this work.

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