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Common Problems Associated with Spam Traps and its Preventation

Spam traps are email addresses activated for the sole purpose of catching illegitimate email and identifying senders with poor data quality practices. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and anti-spam organizations create and manage spam trap networks and use spam traps,

Common Problems Associated with Spam Traps

  1. Return Path studies have shown that one spam trap can reduce your Sender Score more than 20 points and can decrease your inbox placement rates to 81% and lower.
  2. ISPs will lower your sending reputation for too many spam trap hits.
  3. Mailing IPs and/or domains may become blacklisted.
  4. Membership in the Return Path Certification Program may be suspended for exceeding the acceptable thresholds defined within the compliance standards.

Preventing Spam Traps

  1. Reject requests for malformed addresses (i.e. me@hotmai.lcom).
  2. Reject abuse@ and postmaster@ addresses.
  3. Reject role accounts (i.e.,
  4. Send Welcome/Confirmation email messages and use a confirmed or double option process to validate newly acquired email addresses before adding them to your file. It is best practice to use a separate IP space and monitor spam trap rates.
  5. Having multiple pages or CAPTCHA during the subscription process aids in preventing list poisoning.
  6. Provide a change of email address option in all emails, in a preference center and at the point of unsubscribe.
  7. Do not purchase, rent or lease email addresses from third parties or perform email appends on your files.
  8. Isolate and monitor “Import Address Book” and “Forward to a Friend” mail streams on separate IPs and sub-domains to identify spam traps and protect your other email programs. These types of features commonly collect old email addresses that have likely been converted into spam traps.

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