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Flexible Data Formatting with Crystal Reports

The powerful Crystal Reports designer included in Crystal Reports Server is built to address diverse data formatting and presentation requirements. For novice users, Crystal Reports includes an intuitive report design expert and object-oriented explorers to simplify common reporting tasks. For more advanced users, Crystal Reports includes fine grain control over most features, including formulas, conditional formatting, and object positioning, to address specific customization requirements. Plus, WYSIWYG design support allows report authors to simultaneously format a report while previewing it within the designer.

Crystal Reports Server also helps address the challenges associated with high volume report design and maintenance. For example, the dynamic cascading prompts feature helps minimize report volume by dynamically rendering parameter pick lists based on up-to-date database content.The key benefit of having predefined and scheduled value lists is that the report does not have to query the database to gather the prompts every time a user requests a specific view of a report.

The Crystal Reports Server repository provides a secure, central location to store common report elements including custom functions, SQL commands, dynamic cascading prompts, and bitmaps. You can share these components across multiple reports and update them from a single location. The repository explorer in the Crystal Reports designer allows report authors to log on to a repository server in the platform tier.Repository objects are managed in the platform tier for secure object sharing and updating.

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