Reading and Responding to Mail

Mail in the webmail environment behaves almost the same way it does in MS Outlook. Double click to fully open a message. The usual reply, reply to all, and forward buttons are available inside messages as well as in the main webmail window.

The options button on the button bar contains features you’ll want to be familiar with. Options includes:

  1. The out of office assistant to set an away message that people will get when they send you e-mail during an absence.
  2. Messaging options including signature, sounds when new mail arrives and number of messages per screen
  3. Reading pane options to control the display of read and unread messages
  4. Spelling options for spell-checking in messages
  5. E-Mail Security options – this download and options are designed for people who plan to use encryption in their e-mail. Others can ignore the feature.
  6. Privacy and Junk E-Mail Options – If you turn on the junkmail filter in webmail options, then you must use webmail to check the quarantine: junk folder on a regular basis to verify that it has not quarantined mail that you want. These messages will NOT download when you use an e-mail program like Outlook, and they could fill your webmail mailbox or contain something you want. The quarantine: junk folder you see in webmail is NOT the same junk e-mail folder you may see in Outlook or other e-mail programs you use.
  7. Appearance to control the colors of your webmail windows

In addition, options include calendar, reminder and contact options.

Setting an Out-Of-Office Message

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