Abstract Architecture for Service-oriented Automated Negotiation System

The service-oriented automated negotiation system includes the following four participants: service registration centre, negotiation service requester, negotiation service provider, and protocol.

Service registration centre is a database of service providers‟ information. The negotiation service provider follows a standard service API so that customers can use negotiation services from different service providers. Registration service centre supports all customers and services in the open system, of which negotiation is just one. Service registration centre provides customers with other services such as security and auditing in addition to negotiation service registration.

Negotiation service requester discovers and calls negotiation service. It provides business solutions to enterprises and individuals using the negotiation service. In general, the service requestor does not directly interact with service registration centre, but through an application portal system. The benefit for doing so is the application portal can provide users with access to a wide range of services.

Negotiation service provider, managed by the negotiation software vendors, advertises negotiation service to theservice registration centre, including the registration of their functions and access interfaces. It responds to theservice request. At the same time, it must ensure that any modifications to the service will not affect the requester.

Protocol is an agreement between negotiation service requesters and providers. It standardizes service requestand response and ensures mutual communication.

Figure 1: Abstract architecture for automated negotiation system

Figure 1 illustrates a simple negotiation service interaction cycle, which begins with a negotiation service ADVERTISING itself through a well-known service registration centre. A negotiation requester, who may or maynot run as a separate service, queries the service registration centre to DISCOVER a service that meets its need ofnegotiation. The service registration centre returns a (possibly empty) list of suitable services, and the servicerequester selects one and passes a request message to it, using any mutually recognized protocol. In this example,the negotiation service responds either with the result of the requested operation or with a fault message. Then they INTERACT with each other continuously.

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