HCI research in Applied contexts

In addition to being multidisciplinary and theoretically grounded, HCI in MIS is also a strong practical and application-oriented area. Applications requiring interactions with human users can be found everywhere in our surroundings, and are therefore of significant concern to both researchers and practitioners in a wide variety of disciplines. Long-term efforts are under way to pull these researchers and practitioners under a single metaphorical umbrella where duplication of effort can be avoided and synergies can be exploited.

Researchers and practitioners alike can benefit from the application of theory. Researchers can develop and apply theory to generalize to other situations. They develop and test models that are either derived from applications of theory, or that lead to new theory. Practitioners can use it to solve problems, often for evaluation of new software or hardware.

Many applications of theory can be found in the literature. These areas are diverse, interesting, and important, and have either direct or indirect relevance to researchers and practitioners alike. This section mentions several specific areas with representative articles. These topics have evolved over an extended time or over an extended set of studies. The application areas include electronic commerce, team collaboration, culture and globalization, user learning and training, system development, and health care. Many of these areas have built a distinctive literature and can be further developed.

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